Best search engines for Tor's dark web

Finding hidden services for Tor can be tricky without the help of a search engine. Fortunately, there are quite a few. Links to these search engines work only for browsers that allow access to hidden services, such as the Tor Browser and Brave.

1. Ahmia

This search engine is free software and has more than 53 000 hidden services indexed1. Unlike other search engines, it does not index child pornography2.

2. Torch

This search engine claims to be the oldest and longest running search engine on the deep web. It is ad-supported and has no qualms about indexing child pornography and other illegal content.

3. Iceberg

It indexes content of all kinds, is funded by advertisements, allows you to index web pages and displays a page score based on the number of mentions and user safety.

Score of the hidden service of this website on Iceberg.

4. TorLanD

It indexes content of all kinds, is funded by ads and allows you to index web pages.

Indexing this site's hidden service on TorLanD.

5. Haystak

They don't index content they consider immoral or illegal, such as child abuse and human trafficking. They claim to have indexed more than 1.5 billion pages from 260,000 hidden services. They have an address to receive donations and the option to pay for additional features.

Haystak's paid features

6. OnionLand Search

They have a terms and conditions page condemning illegal uses. They finance themselves with ads and by offering hosting for hidden services.

7. Ourrealm

It's funded by ads. Its motto is «search beyond censorship».

8. Ondex

It is funded by ads and indexes all types of content.

9. Deep Search

It displays trending hidden services on its homepage, it indexes all types of content and is funded by ads.

10. Find Tor

It indexes all types of content, is funded by ads and claims to be for sale.

Other options for finding content

There are lists of hidden services, forums etc. This article only lists some of the most popular search engines.