YouTube with privacy: with Invidious

As it is already well known, Youtube isn't free software and it doesn't respects your privacy, but unfortunately some videos are only found there. In this article I present you Invidious, a simple way to watch YouTube videos without executing proprietary software from Google.

Invidious is a free and lightweight interface for YouTube that is made with software freedom in mind. These are some of its features:

  • No ads
  • It's free software, source code under the AGPLv3 license
  • It has a search engine
  • Doesn't need a Google account to save subscriptions
  • Supports captions
  • Very customizable
  • Allows embedding videos from Invidious in your page, like the following...

As it is free software, there is no unique version. That means that you can install Invidious in your server or choose between the available public instances.

I invite you to test how it works. Down below I show you images with some of the things you can do with invidios.

You can login without a Google account.
You can view the latest videos from your subscriptions
It has a dark theme

There are Firefox add-ons that convert YouTube links into Invidious links. Privacy Redirect also works for Nitter and Bibliogram.